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You can become part of by joining the Sierra Leone Heritage Facebook Group. This will enable you to post comments, participate in discussions, upload photos and videos, and share your interest in Sierra Leonean culture and heritage with other like-minded people. This digital resource recognises that different people have different knowledges and experiences of cultural traditions, practices, performances, objects and sites. By integrating the social networking features of Facebook into the resource, we hope that will provide a forum for bringing these differently-situated knowledges together. So, whether you are Sierra Leonean or not, whether an academic or a cultural performer, a carver or a museum curator, a traditional healer or a tourist, you are welcome to join the community, contribute your knowledge, and help us to learn from each other.

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Frederick John Lamp 3:25am Jun 21
Hey, Chris, more power to you. I hope to see this one day. Got a next project? Somebody needs to find old Ro-Baga, the ancient "capital" of the Sapi, just south of Tasso Island somewhere on the southern shore of the Sierra Leone River. I'm amazed to see the word "Baka" on Google map right there, with several houses, on a marigot with no apparent footpath in.

Frederick John Lamp 4:04am Jun 21
OK--Winterbottom (1803) put it right there, but Bellin (1746) put it just opposite Tumbu Island where Makurubulai is now.

Nadia Maddy 12:09pm May 20
Krio boy reviews Ghana girl cook book!

Nadia Maddy 11:56am May 20
Hi Guys, I hope this helps your motivation and if there are any challenges that you face as a writer that you would like me to discuss please let me know.

Phoday Phana 2:17am May 7
My son, for the Npsc exam

Olivia Brown 3:58am May 7
Best of luck 😁

Mendetiti JM 2:47pm May 7
all the best 😊

George Walker 2:50pm Apr 19

Frederick John Lamp 3:21am Apr 16
Thanks for including me. Looks like lot to see here.

Gary Schulze 4:04pm Mar 29
Great idea!

Olivia Brown 10:34am Feb 19
Hi all 💗
I've relearned my tribe as Mende and would like to return home to speak with my people and begin relearning my language, culture and history.

I've contacted Visit Sierra Leone to help me put together a holiday package but wanted to ask if anyone is from/visited Bo, Kenema or Kailahun & knew of things to do there or centres I could visit to connect with people?

Also, if there are any historical tours for descendents of the Transatlantic Slave Trade please do let me know

James Higbie 12:12pm Feb 19
I have a friend in Bo, a Mende woman who works for NGOs who would be happy to talk to you. I think she works with local girls. If you send me a message on Facebook I can give you her contacts.

James Higbie 12:13pm Feb 19
Send me a friend request on Facebook.

Helen Ashby 12:14pm Feb 19
Also contact the Monuments and Relics Commission, the Chair Isatu Smith is an expert on transatlantic slavery

Teresa Brooks 1:41pm Feb 19
Come'll love it here! Bunce Island is a historically a slave trade hot spot. Lots to see and learn hear.

Tiffany Johnson 2:31pm Feb 19
Contact Jacob Conteh, Foday Kunda! They travel to Sierra Leone quite a bit.

Aline Motta 2:36pm Feb 19
Hi, Olivia Brown. Me too! I'll be visiting Sierra Leone in March.

Jane Aldrich 2:57pm Feb 19
You might consider contacting Ada Anahgo Brown, President of Roots to Glory Tours. (there are facebook pages for both.) She develops tours and education programs that assist people in learning about their West African roots and the connection to the SE US through the slave trade. She also makes several journeys each year to a destination in West Africa. I don't believe she has taken a group to Sierra Leone recently, but has been hoping to take one soon. She may have some very helpful information to help you or, if you prefer, you may be able to join one of her groups--in full or part--for your first venture over.

Foday Kunda 3:05pm Feb 19
Olivia Brown hello

Kondeh Amadu 8:52pm Feb 20
Good,you should also learn the krio language.

Foday Ajamu Mansaray 4:20pm Feb 21
I am a repatriated Gullah/Geechee of Mandenka ancestral lineage living in Freetown, Sierra Leone sister Olivia. I work closely with brother Foday Kunda

Foday Ajamu Mansaray 4:22pm Feb 21
We are here to help you in working collaboration with the Monuments & Relics Commission and the Sierra Leone Reunion Movement (in which I serve as the Gullah Coordinator and Ground Organizer)

Sellu Sowa 1:28am Feb 19
Good historie

Kondeh Amadu 8:38pm Feb 20
But they never explain the reason for the hut tax to Bureh.