NWT739: Male speech

Historical wax cylinder recording made by Northcote Whitridge Thomas, a British government anthropologist who conducted field research in Sierra Leone in 1914-15. NWT739 (m on cylinder rim). 1. Announcement: ... 1915. 2. Ref tone. 3. Solo male speech, probably in the Temne language. Poor quality recording due to cylinder being cracked and bandaged. C51/3201 is the master, C51/3202, C51/3203 and C51/3204 are duplicates. This is a digital access version of an original wax cylinder recording held in the collection of the British Library. Supplied and used with permission from The British Library.

Further Information

  • Type: Wax Cylinder Recordings
  • Object: NWT739: Male speech
  • Materials: No Data / Other
  • Culture Group: Temne
  • Dimensions: 205 [Duration]
  • Production Date: 1915.03.24
  • Associated Places: No Data
  • Associated People: Thomas, Northcote Whitridge (1868-1936) [Sound Recordist]
  • Museum: British Library
  • Accession Number: BL:C51/3201

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