Divination Eqipment

A collection of objects which were possibly used for divination. It includes a charm, or amulet, made from a piece of goats horn, and a bundle wrapped in fibre, as well as two coins, two flints, and two European brass crotal bells. This record relates to the fibre bundle, thought to contain a dried kola nut

Further Information

  • Type: Religious/ritual equipment, charms, No Data / Other
  • Object: Divination Eqipment
  • Materials: Vegetable, organic fibre, Textile
  • Culture Group: Other
  • Dimensions: 20mm [H] x 25mm [D]
  • Production Date: Pre 1979
  • Associated Places: Unknown
  • Associated People: Unknown
  • Museum: British Museum
  • Accession Number: BM:Af.1979.1.396.d

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