Nigerian Earthenware Bowl

This is a Nigerian earthenware bowl, with a string impressed ornamental border. It is included as it was originally collected by a member of Sierra Leone's Krio community, Claudius D. Hotobah During. From the mid-nineteenth century, Krio traders, missionaries and professionals settled along the coast of West Africa and in settlements on the Niger River. This Krio diaspora maintained close links with Sierra Leone through steam shipping lines, and objects from throughout the region found their way to Freetown where they were sometimes acquired by European collectors. Claudius D. Hotobah During was a well-respected barrister, based in Freetown.

Further Information

  • Type: Containers, vessels
  • Object: Nigerian Earthenware Bowl
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Culture Group: Other, Krio
  • Dimensions: 95 mm
  • Production Date: Pre 1908
  • Associated Places: South Western Nigeria: Lagos (Collected and created)
  • Associated People: C.D. Hotobah During (Collector); A. Ridyard (Donor)
  • Museum: World Museum Liverpool Sierra Leone Collection
  • Accession Number: LIVCM.