Country Cloth Gown

This gown is composed of strips of cream and dark blue country cloth, sewn together to make a striped gown. Country cloth is traditionally made from locally grown cotton that is spun into thread, dyed, and woven into strips on a tripod loom. The strips are then sewn together edge to edge to form the finished piece. Such cloth was, in the past, regarded as a sign of wealth and prestige.

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Further Information

  • Type: Costume, dress
  • Object: Country Cloth Gown
  • Materials:
  • Culture Group: Mandingo
  • Dimensions: 1020mm x 1720mm
  • Production Date: Pre 1895
  • Associated Places: Sierra Leone (Created and collected)
  • Associated People: Shefield Public Museum
  • Museum: World Museum Liverpool Sierra Leone Collection
  • Accession Number: LIVCM.

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