Wooden Comb

A unusual carved wooden comb. It has seven long prongs attached to a tooth-base with a series of holes bored into it. Attached to the handle is a carved chain, linking the comb to a representation of a small boat. The comb was collected by G. P. During, a well-known Krio money lender and businessman who worked in Freetown and Bokè in French Guinee.

Further Information

  • Type: Toilet/cosmetic equipment
  • Object: Wooden Comb
  • Materials: Wood
  • Culture Group: Soso
  • Dimensions: 55mm x 235mm
  • Production Date: Pre 1900
  • Associated Places: Sierra Leone (Created and collected)
  • Associated People: G. P. During (Collector); A. Ridyard (Donor)
  • Museum: World Museum Liverpool Sierra Leone Collection
  • Accession Number: LIVCM.

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