Commemorative Spade

This silver spade was used in 1974 by Sierra Leone's former president, Siaka Stevens, and Liberia's former president Tolbart, in the groundbreaking ceremony for the building of a bridge over the Manu River. The text on the spade reads: SPADE USED BY PRESIDENTS STEVENS - TOLBERT, LINK ROAD BRIDGE, GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONIES, BO, GRAND CAPE MOUNT. CO., LIBERIA., 3RD OCTOBER 1974. .

Further Information

  • Type: Regalia, Tools, implements
  • Object: Commemorative Spade
  • Materials: Metal, Wood
  • Culture Group: Other
  • Dimensions: 1130mm [H] .
  • Production Date: Pre 1974
  • Associated Places: Unknown
  • Associated People: Unknown
  • Museum: Sierra Leone National Museum
  • Accession Number: SLNM.2010.023.01

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