Chief sTrousers

This is a pair of trousers, made with strips of cotton which have been dyed brown, and decorated with a black printed pattern. They are thought to have been made for a Paramount Chief and the Sierra Leone National Museum catalogue notes that it is dangerous for anyone to wear them, other than the person the trousers was made for. It is part of a complete chief's costume.

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Further Information

  • Type: Costume, dress, Regalia
  • Object: Chief sTrousers
  • Materials: Textile
  • Culture Group: Other
  • Dimensions: Unknown
  • Production Date: 1926
  • Associated Places: Unknown
  • Associated People: Paramount Chief Kande Sao III (Previous Owner)
  • Museum: Sierra Leone National Museum
  • Accession Number: SLNM.1965.75.03C

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